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Shopping in Machu Picchu

The markets at Machu Picchu offer shoppers a wide range of interesting articles and souvenirs to pick from. The best places to shop are the market stalls at Aguas Calientes located either along the tributary of Urubamba, which flows through the town or against the railroad tracks. They are stocked with attractive local products and handicrafts like alpaca sweaters, scarves, local arts and crafts. A handful of shops have an exquisite collection of wall hangings. The craftsmanship is clearly reflected in the elegant pieces.

The best places to shop near Machu Picchu are the market stalls in Aguas Calientes.

Our Machu Picchu Shopping Guide below will tell you everything you need to know about shopping in Aguas Calientes and the areas around Machu Picchu. If too much retail therapy leaves you tired and hungry, visit one of the great local restaurants to fuel your engine. You can find general information about shopping in Peru in our Peru Shopping Guide.  

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Machu Picchu Shopping Guide

The countless number of souvenir and gift shops near the train station can easily be described as the largest concentration of street stalls in Peru. One thing that you will find everywhere in the tourist centres of Peru is alpaca wool garments. Aguas Calientes is no exception - you can choose from a huge selection here. What is truly unique to the shops in Aguas Calientes and cannot be found in Cusco, Puno or Lima are gift items local to this area - silver jewellery, crafts and plates that are very specific to Aguas Calientes. Chances are you will not find them anywhere else.


Chocolates mixed with nuts are another delicacy of this region. Besides tasting great and giving your body a dose of protein, they give you an instant sugar rush that will help you keep going through the hilly terrain. Chocolate crackers are a handy snack to carry around too. Certain dry energy bars made of grains are also perfect for flagging energy levels but you are sure to need a drink after munching them! For the health conscious, several types of dry fruits and nuts are also on offer here.

Shopping throughout the Sacred Valley

There are many small Andean towns and cities around the Sacred Valley that offer umpteen shopping opportunities. Stalls in and around Chinchero and Ollantaytambo have an extensive selection of goods and their prices are far lower than those in Cusco. Though the choice and range of goods is definitely superior at the comparatively larger town of Cusco, the towns of Chinchero and Ollantaytambo are within easy reach of Machu Picchu and you do not have to set aside loads of time to shop there.

On your way to Machu Picchu, you can stop by at the tent market in Pisac and pick up local handicrafts along with hand-woven textiles. The Peruvian symbols for good luck and protection - sun, moon and twin bulls - can be spotted at certain restaurants here.

Pisac is a small village in the middle of the Sacred Valley and has great shopping possibilities. To begin with, everything is modestly priced here. If you try haggling, you can bag unbelievable bargains. Find pottery, Incan art, flutes and other musical instruments, handbags, purses, table linen, and garments such as shirts and sweaters on sale here. These make great gifts for friends and family. Alpaca sweaters abound here as well and you are sure to be approached by several vendors. Children's ponchos come in bright colours and beautiful patterns.


Artesanal Market of Aguas Calientes
Next to the train station in Aguas Calientes
Local market of Aguas Calientes
Located just above the bus station of Aguas Calientes

Inkaterra Gallery
Machupicchu Pueblo Hotel, Aguas Calientes
Sumaq Hotel Shop
Inside Sumaq Hotel, Aguas Calientes

El Mapi Gift Shop
Inside the El Mapi Hotel, Aguas Calientes